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Swap orders

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Crosschain P2P NFT lending and exchange platform

Openborder to swap in any chain and do cross chain and expand horizon might not just be swap but can do other things to to "openborder"

Targeting large transactions building trust on the platform as an escrow service

How does it works?

The way Openborder works can be easily separated into the "Maker" and the "Taker" side, where the Maker is the one who create the swap order and the Taker is the one to takes that order.


The Maker create their order

The Maker can create their order by listing the assets that they would like to swap and what to swap for.


The Taker explore the order listing

Maker swap order will be listed on the Openborder platform where anyone can view the order (for example, the Maker wants to swap an NFT A with NFT B etc.).


The Taker take the order

The Taker may choose to "take" the order by initially approving their assets for that order and initiate the swap to the platform.


Verify asset

After the assets have both been verified and checked, the Maker/Taker can initiate the swap (ie executing the transaction to the blockchain).


Claim asset

After the verification process been approved and done, each party, Maker/Taker, can then claim their assets to complete the swap.